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Personal Training Services.

Meet Dominic Atencio.

A passion for helping his clients reach their goals is just the beginning of A10cio Fitness.

I have been active for most of my life. 


Here is my brief history of my fitness journey.  I was originally only interested in the body building aspect of fitness.  After some impressive results at a young age I eventually developed serious back problems due to lack of focus and attention to the importance of core strength, Balance, flexibility and stability.  I eventually had to start physical therapy which was such a blessing because it was such a eye opener to my many mistakes and neglects that I made over the years. It also was in this time when I started my career as a personal trainer.  I realized that in order to look strong and be strong you need to be able to move and be flexible in all planes of motion and to know how to correct and prevent muscle imbalances.  I am now able to enjoy all different types of exercises including: running, biking, cross fit classes, yoga etc.  I continue to include strength training in my programs as I feel that is also vital for health and fitness but I realize if the ” foundation” is broke the house will eventually fall.  That being said I plan to continue to incorporate a variety of core strength and flexibility exercise in my programs.  I enjoy being creative with my clients and as their program evolves my workouts become more intense and variety changes.  I have worked with all types of clients in my 7 years training.  Anything from your average gym goer who needs some direction and motivation all the way to high-school athletes looking to get that ” edge” on his or hers competition. I take all my clients and their goals very serious and will by their side 100%.  I am constantly striving to better my health and fitness and soak up as much knowledge as I Can so I can better serve my clients.  I look forward to growing even more as a trainer and helping people is my passion.

  • Dominic at his home gym.

A10cio Fitness offers numerous fitness services.

One On One Training

Do you need the accountability and attention that one on one training brings?

Group Training

More economic and for small groups, teams, friends, and family. Come train together.

Program Development

Are you not able to train on site but interested in still having guidance in your fitness?

Nutrition Planning

Nutrition is such a big part of your health. Let us help you get organized.